How to share information from Singapore Company Secretary Software

Group Company Secretary, who has the highest access level can customized user menu to three different user levels. Each user level has rights to access, enter new data, amend data and / or view only.

  1. USER access level can be given to each director or anyone who is responsible to submit Requests for changes to the company information.
  2. “Requests” send from USER level are shown for secretarial officer to process the requests.
  3. Approved Requests will flow through the various flow task of actions by corporate secretarial officer.
  4. The “Next AGM Due Dates” alert help corporate secretarial officer to chase and submit Annual Returns to ACRA.
  5. Completed board resolutions and AGM minutes are uploaded into the system for easy retrieve by authorised users.
  6. Accountants who are responsible to report to IRAS on Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) can been granted limited access to process and submit ECI forms from the system.
  7. For non-audited accounts, corporate secretarial officer can make changes in wordings for the system to produce the full set of compilation of accounts pages.