Singapore Company Secretarial Software Features

Easy Secretarial Software

Two great plans that are right for your business.

Group of Private
Limited Companies
Public Listed Group of Companies

Features in the software

Incorporation of companies Form 45, 45B, M & A, share certificates
Changes to Officers master records Directors, Secretaries, Managers, Auditors appointment, resignation and particulars
Changes to Shareholders master records Allotment of shares, Transfer of shares, Share movements and shareholders particulars
Auto generated Board Resolutions According to the different changes
Preparation of AGM agenda,
Attendance Sheet
Short Notice of meeting
Minutes of meeting
Exempt Certificate
Next AGM due Date alert
Register Books of Officers Directors, Managers, Secretaries, Auditors
Register Books of Shareholders Particulars and Share Movements
Attachments of signed resolutions and AGM
Register books of Charges

Public Listed Companies features

Register books of directors and substantial shareholders, directorship, Share movements