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  • Centralized Control of all Group Company Secretarial.
  • Grant user access to subsidiaries and associates directors.
  • Has an alert “Next AGM Due Date” system.
  • Automatic generate Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) documents.
  • Track documents from Request stage to Completion stage.
  • Automate generate Changes documents and Update registers.
  • Search and easy retrieve of signed Board resolutions and AGM documents.

Secretarial Global will give you these benefits

  • The company administration access level can assign the group of companies to assistant company secretaries to be in charge.
  • The assistant company secretaries can assign user level to directors and shareholders who can access the database.
  • Outstanding tasks from each Request are highlighted.
  • The system is able to display “Next AGM Due Date”.
  • Your Annual Return will be filed to ACRA and AGM documents automatically generated for shareholders.
  • Your Changes / Updates of your company will be filed to ACRA and Board’s resolutions automatically generated for directors.
  • Easy search and retrieval of signed board resolutions and AGM past documents.

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