Singapore Corporate Secretarial Software Benefits Group Secretary

The software offers many benefits beside time saving and increased productivity for the Group, as follows:

  • Easy and flexibility to assign USER accounts access subsidiaries and associated companies directors to regulated accounts.
  • USER can send “Requests” directly which are recorded and channel to next course of actions to be taken by Group Secretarial officers.
  • Easy search and retrieval of signed Board Resolutions and AGM documents are available by USER levels.
  • Secretarial officers are in full control of corporate compliance from USER requests to filing with ACRA.
  • Group Secretarial Officers maintain and update the Register Books of directors, secretaries, auditors, shareholders share movements, charges of indebtedness and other matters, in a structured method.
  • The “Next AGM Due Dates” alert feature, help corporate secretarial officer to chase Financial Accounts and submit Annual Returns to ACRA on time.
  • For non-audited accounts, secretarial officer can make changes in wordings for the system to produce the full set of compilation of accounts pages.
  • Accountants can be given access to monitor and to send the Group of companies Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) returns to Income Revenue Authority of Singapore, (IRAS).