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Currently Secretarial Department takes instructions from authorized persons by phone or emails to make changes to corporate secretarial database. The absence of a sharing system results in administrative challenges, slow to update, to retrieve, to collate and to provide the required information on time.

Our proven system has 3 simple steps speed and innovative design, deploy manpower and deliver experience

First, the innovative design of the system that embraced internet technology, speed up the data flow. The system allows more authorised persons to access at the same time and from anywhere in the world to share the group data.

Secondly, our insightful system deploys less manpower to serve by ways of Self-service, Control Update and Experience shared data.

  1. Anyone with access rights can submit the “Request changes” himself. These “requests” are captured and flow to secretarial department for guaranteed actions.
  2. Secretarial officer updates the “changes” and system produces relevant resolutions. Approved changes are updated automatically and signed resolutions are uploaded.
  3. Authorized persons have easy access; convenience; control over where, when and how they use “search” for information, “retrieve” signed resolutions and minutes, and generate informative reports.

Third, the system delivers experience for secretarial officer to do more challenging work and enjoys a life balanced work life. Any urgent “request” from big boss can be done outside office, even while on holiday.

4 valuable benefits derived from the system

The innovative system works always and authorized people accomplish unmatched performance.

  • Fast, easy access by more authorized persons.
  • Any authorized person can initiate “Changes” in an organized safe flow from submission to completion.
  • It is that simple! Self-service to access Register books of officers – (a) directors, secretaries, auditors and managers (b) past signed resolutions and minutes. (c) members, shareholders’ shareholdings (d) to “Search” and “Retrieve” facility to access Company and Group data.
  • Productivity improvements experience by secretarial officers as well as it can let more authorized persons to share and access the system.

Easy Secretarial Software

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